Peirone Produce was founded by Joe Peirone in 1945. At the end of World War II, Joe set up a modest downtown shop on what is now considered the University District of Spokane.

Joe and his family ran the company with a simple yet powerful belief that when you treat your employees, suppliers, and customers with respect and dignity, your company will prosper. During the ensuing years, the company stayed true to their core values and flourished.

In 1986, URM Stores acquired Peirone Produce and allowed it to continue to operate as an autonomous subsidiary company. When Joe Peirone retired, Pat Davidson became the first non-family member to take the role of President and CEO, reporting to the company’s Board of Directors. Pat successfully continued the legacy of growth at Peirone and was careful to keep the family's core principles in place.

By 2008, Peirone Produce had outgrown its original warehouse facility and was in need of a larger and more sustainable space. Under Pat’s direction, plans were drawn to construct the finest produce warehouse in the Inland Northwest. Thanks to Pat’s efforts, Peirone's new headquarters in the West Plains is the largest and most modern facility in the entire region.

Pat Davidson retired in 2014 after many years of dedicated service to URM and Peirone Produce. Upon Pat’s retirement, Mike Kamphaus became the President and CEO, a position he retains today. In the ensuing years, Peirone has prospered and grown into the largest distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables to independent grocers in the Inland Northwest.

We are proud to say that three-quarters of a century later, Peirone still operates under the same core principles of the freshest top quality products, highly competitive prices and a culture of treating employees, growers, and customers with respect and dignity.


- Michael Kamphaus,
President & CEO


Peirone Trade Area

Today, Peirone services independent retailers all over the Northwest.  We currently have customers in Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon. 

Peirone Team

We are proud to be a produce company that is run by “produce people." The majority of our management team has a background in retail and wholesale produce operations. Even our CEO started his career trimming lettuce in the back of a grocery store.  

As a Peirone customer, you can be confident in your business knowing that we manage our business from a retailer perspective and never lose sight of what truly matters to our customers.

Peirone and URM

In 1986, Peirone Produce was purchased by URM Stores, Inc. (the Inland Northwest's leading independent grocery distributor).

Today, Peirone is a wholly-owned subsidiary of URM and reports directly to a Board of Directors comprised mostly of URM supermarket member-owners.