Much like Supermarkets that come in all kinds of formats (Upscale, Discount, Perishable dominated, Limited Assortment, etc.), Produce Wholesalers are different too!

At Peirone Produce, we focus on being the very best produce supplier to independent grocers in the Northwest.

Our team of buyers scout the markets daily for the best quality product as well as new and innovative items. And because we are the largest in the marketplace, we can often leverage our volume to obtain favorable prices.

The Peirone facility is simply the finest in the entire Inland Northwest. We  protect our produce in the very best environments available and our high volume allows us to turn our inventory, on average, 72 times per year.

All of this adds up to Peirone being a supplier that is uniquely set up to give independent retailers a real advantage in their marketplace.






Our quality products and programs give our customers a strong competitive advantage in their markets. Give us a call to learn more!


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The fresh produce industry is in constant change. New items, new growing areas, pack changes, price changes... nothing sits still for very long. To help our customers manage this constantly changing environment, we generate a new order guide every week. To get your copy, simply click on the link below and log in for access to your custom order guide!

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