The Peirone warehouse

Located in West Spokane, we are the most modern and food-safety-centric Produce distribution center in the entire Inland Northwest.  

Additionally, we are one of only a few in the entire region that was engineered and built from the ground up to buy, receive, store and ship fresh produce, all in a perfect-for-produce  environment.      

Technologically speaking, Peirone runs on one of the most sophisticated operating platforms available in the industry. This system allows us to track every case from the farm to the store, giving our customers the comfort of knowing we have 100% traceability on everything we sell!




More reasons as to why we are best in class:

  • 67,000 SF of environmentally-controlled space
  • Six separate coolers with multiple temperature & humidity levels
  • Air scrubbers to remove harmful ethylene gases (common in warehouses)
  • 100% chill chain integrity
  • Engineered from the ground up to be the perfect environment for buying, receiving, storing and shipping fresh produce
  • Multi-million dollar state-of-the-art banana and tomato ripening rooms
  • 26 receiving and shipping docks (combined)
  • Most modern delivery fleet in the market:
    • 24 tractors 
    • 3 bobtail trucks
    • 36 trailers
  • Computerized inventory warehouse management system
    • Total one-up / one-down traceability
    • Best-in-class service level
    • Virtually NO product rotation issues