It wasn’t that long ago that the average retail Produce
Department would offer only 200- 300 items.

Today, that number often eclipses 750, with some stores carrying over 1000 items in their produce departments!


One of the biggest reasons for item growth is the number of support items the industry now offers.

Product lines like salad dressing, healthy snacks, dried fruits, nuts and juices (to name a few) have added to the item growth at most supermarkets.

From wide-ranging salad dressing lines, snack lines, juices, to nut programs, (and many more), Peirone has you covered!

For a complete listing, check your order guide or contact your salesperson for more information.  








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The fresh produce industry is in constant change. New items, new growing areas, pack changes, price changes... nothing sits still for very long. To help our customers manage this constantly changing environment, we generate a new order guide every week. To get your copy, simply click on the link below and log in for access to your custom order guide!

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The job of managing a retail Produce Department can be very demanding. In an effort to help you manage your valuable time, we will soon be offering online ordering. Effective mid-2018, our customers will be able to order product from Peirone via our website (computer and tablet friendly). More details coming soon!