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The make-up of our communities is evolving at a faster rate than ever. So much so, that the US Census Bureau is forecasting that the Hispanic population, nationwide, will be over 20% by the year 2030.    

As grocers, it’s our responsibility to provide the products that our customers seek. However, the food preferences of the Hispanic consumer is likely more complex than you might realize.

Many believe the term Hispanic referrers to a specific consumer, when in fact the term Hispanic is a very broad term to define all countries whose official language is Spanish.  Examples would include: Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico and Jamaica.     

So when it comes to food preferences most every region has its own preferences.  While most Hispanics in our marketing area are Mexican, they too have specific preferences depending on what State in Mexico they come from (there are 32!).

While this may seem a bit complex, fear not, we have you covered.    We have partnered with a company called Aztec Produce, who directly imports authentic Hispanic produce and dairy products.

Talk to your sales representative about your specific Hispanic product needs.   Chances are we can meet your needs!



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