Power of Produce shows growth in value-added

Power of Produce shows growth in value-added

The power of value-added produce sales speaks for itself.


Article Highlights:

  • The market size for value-added vegetable sales totaled $11.2 billion, up 3.1% compared to the previous year;
  • Volume growth of value-added vegetables rated 2.3% higher compared with the previous year, while packaged salad dollar growth was 2%;
  • Sales of value-added fruit totaled $2.9 billion for the year ending Nov. 3, up 4.7%; and
  • Volume growth for value-added fruit was 6.7%.

“We’re seeing a little bit more engagement with the vegetable side than we do with the fruit side,”


The Power of Produce report that 91% of consumers said they could be prompted to buy/buy more value-added produce.

Article by Tom Karst, The Packer


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