Savvy Sales Strategies for Both Seasonal & Local Produce

Savvy Sales Strategies for Both Seasonal & Local Produce

Joe Watson, PMA 2014 Produce Retailer of the Year and current VP of PMA’s member engagement, shares:

the three I’s of seasonal and local merchandising: impactful, impulsive and incremental. A bonus I is informational.”


Create both current and future demand for seasonal and/or local produce says Joe by:

  • Highlighting what’s seasonal and what’s local, or what’s both!....[this] creates awareness and a storyline about the product for consumers
    • help shoppers envision products in new ways i.e. incorporating seasonal products into other departments, using creative, trendy signage, sampling stations, recipes, social media campaign, etc.
  • Simple [yet] effective ways to increase impulse buys and incremental sales. Incremental sales are most often high-profit sales which influence the overall mix and soften the markdowns on promotional items.
  • When the produce team knows how to suggest and speak to the attributes of a product, or the point-of-sale material tells a story about the product in a clear and consistent way, gaining bonus sales and movement become more attainable.

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