Best Practices in Produce Safety

Best Practices in Produce Safety

Check out this pragmatic produce safety article sourced by our local Food Safety Director, Jared Keefer.  We want to help our produce managers stay ahead of the curve when it comes to practical and critical action items for produce safety - be it in the prep area, the store floor, or even helping consumers in their own home.

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“It all comes down to proper and continued food safety training of these individuals involved in the fresh-cut process,” Corsi says. “This is often an arduous job that’s not for everybody and we may see individuals rotate in and out of these production roles. Keeping everyone trained and up-to-date is challenging.”

[...] instore food safety coordinators to help monitor and ensure that correct practices are in place. Monthly food safety audits of all the company’s stores are another measure used to not only see how each location is doing, but to provide a teachable moment for employees and share information about best practices and new policies.

Produce employees need to be a knowledgeable and a trusted source for our customers in any topic, even food safety, Corsi says. “We train every new employee in food safety at the start of their employment and encourage them to consistently practice these learnings daily. [...] Having this knowledge to share when we engage our customers is important.”

[...] many retailers are prominently positioning hygienic wipes or hand sanitizer gels, not only at the front of the store, but also in the produce section near bulk fruit displays. Also, QR code displays at points of purchase can offer access to food safety and safe handling practices [in] the home. These can also be replicated on packaged produce items.

"Top Food Safety Practices in Produce" by Ryan Atkinson, Supermarket Perimeter