Safeguarding Against Food Fraud

Safeguarding Against Food Fraud

Check out this helpful article on what you can do to help safeguard against food fraud.

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"...we must truly have a relationship with our supply base. We need to know where there is opportunity to reduce costs and when a supplier has given all they can. This can’t happen with an audit, a phone call, or a COA. It takes time. Time to visit the farm or packinghouse. Time with suppliers to understand their challenges and concerns. Time to understand where their breaking point may be. Time to listen and understand. This may sound a bit soft and fluffy, but it’s true. As we become more distant from one another with our technology, we must look to break that trend and reconnect with our supply base.

Government intervention usually comes too late to stop fraud. That leaves a large number of consumers victimized and exposes food companies and their supply chain partners to the significant fallout from discovery. Therefore, we in the industry must take it upon ourselves to ensure that our supply chain is sound. It’s the best defense against food fraud we could have."

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